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    “The paintings are a visual expression of a spiritual journey . I feel an affinity to the medium of pastel, and oil due to their immediacy, color vibrancy , and beautiful texture. With 30 years of experience as an artist, I try to push the boundaries of the medium to produce paintings that are fresh and pleasing. And to successfully integrate the lively play of color and light, to bring a message of  praise and illumination to the world. Revealing a spiritual depth that is always present – to be seen with the eyes, as well as with the heart.”

-Elisheva Shira



Series is about a personal journey as a Jewish woman and the deep soul connection.......





Still Life


Our creator has graced our lives with so much intricate infinite beauty. Our eyes are the purest vessel to receive this gift.


It is a wonderful opportunity to beautify this holy mitzvah on your special day






Rabbi Nachman teaches that looking at the Land of Israel heals the soul through the organ of the eyes.



The lost princess represents the feminine aspect of G-d’s presence called the Shechina.......



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